Mayu Hagiwara, Empowering through Educational Exploration

Welcome! Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Mayu, and I’m passionate about helping families navigate the intricate world of education.

I firmly believe that every child’s educational journey should be an exploration—an exciting, transformative experience in its own right.

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My Primary Goal: Empowerment

My main goal is to empower children and parents by providing them with a myriad of educational choices.

What sets me apart is that I don’t place importance on the specific choices they make.

What truly matters is that their exploration itself becomes an educational and transformative journey.

I take immense pleasure and excel in guiding them through this process.

Curating Information and Making Connections

To support this mission, I’m dedicated to curating relevant information, uncovering the latest trends, and expanding my knowledge of educational pathways, fields, methodology, and destinations.

I believe in equipping families with a diverse palette of options because I understand that every child’s unique qualities and aspirations deserve to be nurtured.

Connecting with Like-Minded Individuals

I cherish connections with like-minded individuals and service providers who share my passion for education. Together, we can create a network of support that enhances the educational experience for families.

Minimal Meetings, Maximized Guidance

While I would prefer in-person meetings, I want to emphasize that my current focus is on being fully present for my own family during their struggles.

Therefore, I prioritize asynchronous communication methods, such as emails and shared files.

My strength actually lies in the power of the written word. It’s where my creative juices flow and my wealth of knowledge is stored.

Written communication allows me to craft tailored solutions, provide detailed insights, and ensure that the families I work with receive the utmost attention and guidance.

This also means that time differences don’t matter, and busy parents can feel at ease reaching out to me at their convenience.

Feel free to reach out via email or other written communication channels, and I’ll provide you with in-depth, thoughtful, and tailored guidance, no matter where you are in the world.

A Unique Fusion of Experiences

I bring to the table a unique fusion of experiences that takes more than just knowledge to understand the intricacies of. As a former international student and a third culture kid myself, I’ve traversed diverse cultures, languages, and educational systems. This background equips me to bridge gaps, making it easier for families to explore a world of educational opportunities.

Professional Expertise in Study Abroad Counseling

In addition to my firsthand experiences, I am also a professional in study abroad counseling. My role has enabled me to assist over 200 families in finding the right educational fit for their children. I’ve worked with schools in the US, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and more.

Parenting in the 2020s

As a parent myself, I understand the concerns and hopes that parents can have firsthand. I’ve navigated the path of educational choices for my own children, which provides me with a deeper level of empathy and insight. This hands-on experience ensures that I’m not just an educational consultant but also a fellow parent on this nurturing journey.

Further inquiries

Feel free to reach Mayu through this contact form or Linkedin!